PYTHIA uses revolutionary new mathematical concepts. It takes Automated Data Analytics and Prediction to a new level: Faster results from less and unprocessed data while handling thousands of parameters and uncovering root cause indicators.

PYTHIA enables engineers and domain experts to work with their data much faster, simpler and more efficient.

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PYTHIA products perform complex tasks such as data cleaning, data analytics and model generation fast and fully automated. This dramatically decreases the effort for the data owner.

Analyse your data fully automated without the need of data science expertise and receive an analytics report targeting your question:

continuous processes
Investigate quantities

Understand influences on specific signals or process parameters and find out if they can be predicted.

continuous processes
Investigate disruptions

Understand root cause indicators of disruptions, classify them, and find out if they can be predicted.

Improve critical KPIs

Understand influences on critical KPIs, search for anomalies, and find out if outliers can be predicted.

Create durable and reliable Virtual Sensors fast, simple, and fully automated. No data science expertise is required.

Replacing lab measurements

Create virtual sensors for live measuring parameters that otherwise can only be determined in the lab with a time delay.

Replacing real sensors

Replace real sensors that are too expensive or prone to error with a virtual sensor.

Measure abstract parameters

Measure abstract parameters like quality or lifespan, which cannot be measured by any physical methods.

Prevent disruptive events with a combination of prediction, live detection, and self-defined counter-measures.

Prevent disruptions

Prevent the occurrence of disruptive events in your processes to increase throughput.

Prevent break downs

Prevent break-downs within your processes to decrease expensive clean-ups and waste.

Predictive Maintenance

Find the optimum times for maintenance to keep your system and equipment running smoothly.

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Munich (Germany), 6 October 2020 – Until now, building software sensors was slow, expensive and required a lot of data science expertise. PerfectPattern Industrial AI, a developer of innovative artificial intelligence solutions primarily for the manufacturing industry, has now substantially simplified the process. The solution called AI Sensors is based on PerfectPattern´s AI technology platform PYHTIA.
Mosbach / Munich - The software companies MPDV and PerfectPattern have founded the subsidiary AIMES (Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Excellence Solutions). The goal of AIMES is to develop and provide software components for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. Furthermore, AIMES will provide services for AI-based solutions in the manufacturing environment.

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