PYTHIA exceeds conventional methods by far

PYTHIA is up to the task

Conventional methods have limitations that prevent industrial success. Not so with PYTHIA.

Industrial data-driven challenges are demanding and complex. Thousands of parameters, highly dynamic environments, and the highest standards demand the maximum performance, flexibility, and usability from an AI-based solution. Most conventional methods are just not up to the task: They are either too slow, too expensive, too complicated to use, or just don’t deliver the required quality and therefore limit the industrial success.

PYTHIA is different: Developed for demanding industrial requirements, it delivers the best results quickly, can cope with almost any complexity, and offers transparency. It helps industrial applications to get the most out of their processes.

Focus on the question instead of how to answer it

PYTHIA makes life easier for people who control data-producing processes – especially complex ones with large amounts of data. It helps them get the information they need faster, simpler, more efficient, and more independent.

No data science expertise is needed to work with PYTHIA. So the data owner can work with the data by himself and out of his own context. This way, he can entirely focus on asking the right questions instead of how to answer them.

PYTHIA makes cutting-edge Data Analytics, Detection, and Prediction easily approachable for the data owner.

What People say about PYTHIA

PYTHIA helped me to truly understand the root causes of production interruptions such as sheet breaks. Instead of just curing the symptoms, which is current practice in the paper industry, we are now able to eliminate the root causes. After almost 20 years in the industry, I believe that this is a real step forward, helping me to support our customers in boosting production output.

Jürgen Käser

Director Paper Process Applications, Voith Group

With PYTHIA we can today offer our HYDRA customers KPI analyses directly out of the box, which take the understanding of their processes to a new level.

Thorsten Strebel

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), MPDV

Advantages of PYTHIA

PYTHIA combines the best of different worlds being fast, flexible, stable, and transparent at the same time.

Easy to use

No need for data science expertise.

No overfitting

During model building, only relevant parameters are chosen.

Proven in industry

Significant benefits in countless industry applications.

Data efficient

Even low amounts lead to an efficient model training.

High complexity

Easily handling several thousand parameters.


Data can be unfiltered and unstructured.

No Hyperparameter Tuning

The technology uses no conventional parameters.


The focus is not only on ‘when’, but also on ‘why’.


Based on the latest scientific findings and beyond.

PYTHIA Partners

PYTHIA is supported by strong and passionate partners who bring PYTHIA into various industrial applications and enable good and data-driven decisions.

PYTHIA vs. conventional

Industrial data-driven demands are challenging. In many cases, conventional data science methods are insufficient to fulfill those requirements.


Handle industrial complexity

PYTHIA can easily handle several thousand parameters and signals.


PYTHIA provides root causes for predictions, that indicate why something is happening.

For domain experts

PYTHIA can be used from process engineers and domain experts. No data science expertise needed!


Too complex

There are too many (thousands) parameters that influence the process .

Not enough transparency

You can predict, that something is happening but have no indication why it is happening.

Too hard to do

You may quickly require more data science expertise than you can affort.

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